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Dear Consumers, Stakeholders and Personnel,


Throughout the year we want to know how we are doing.  We kindly request that you to take a few moments to fill it out the survey that pertains to you.

Thank you, in advance, for completing the survey. 

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

Stakeholder Survey- includes family members, guardians, representatives, social workers, therapists, professionals etc.

Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Family Care Home and Residential Group Home Survey- for youth and adults that live in a family Care home or staffed home in the community.

Assisted Living Tenant Survey- for tenants that reside at Liberty Place and Freedom Place.

Headway Centre and CLP Participant Survey- for participants that attend Headway New West, Vancouver and CLP.

Footprints Unlimited Day Program Participant Survey

SIL 1-1 Support Services Participant Survey- for youth and adults that receive one to one support in their home and community.

Personnel Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Survey - For all employees of Howe Sound

Contractor Survey- For contractors that provide family care, SIL 1-1 support, and work in our children resources.


Exit Surveys

Exit Survey - For employees and contractors of Howe Sound that have changed or resigned from their positions.


Staff Risk Assessment Survey


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